Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where I document my LEGO day

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I don't think people know this about me but pirate lego was my wet dream as a kid. I got all the little sets I could afford with my pocket monies and birthdays, but the alpha set was always out of my reach. How I longed for that pirate ship. To my disappointment They stopped making pirate lego when I was about 14, so I let my dream go and replaced it with guns, boobs and sex....not at the same time.... and continued on with life empty.
Last year while cleaning shelves at work I had what was honestly the biggest burst of excitement I had....ever(lies). I looked up to find what I thought I'd never see again. for once in my life I was torn between buying something I had always wanted and paying rent, well that happens all the time but rent always wins. By the time I was financially stable again they had all sold out....sad face.
Come last week I was doing my random "what should I buy on trade me?" binge where I came across it, AND it was at discounted price. Long story short I brought it.

It arived at 9.30ish this morn, my baby, my childhood dream, my Lego pirate ship....
I started un-boxing after I calmed down and ate some breakfast. Then my camera decide to go "NO I WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU! NEVER, F@#! YOU!" so I used the web cam on my laptop (hence poo images)

Pretty peices
It was at this time I had to go to the gym for PT. As much as I didn't want to, I left my baby to wait until I got home.

Finally I arrived Back home absolutely buggered and sweaty, and continued on.

OMG OMG Looking like a ship now!

And done!
The original plan was to make this one then dismantle it and combine it with my custom one I made years ago to make a huge ship. But honestly this one is just too cool. So now I'm off now to grab all my other pirates to board their new ship, I'll probably put on some little bits to add my custom touch. Because I can and because it's Lego.
I'm so happy :D *explodes*
I'll post some better pics when my camera works again.